Improving Lives
of Women

The Arisaig Partners Foundation (APF) is a UK registered charity. It was founded in January 2004 to support charitable organisations in developing countries. 

Until 2020 the APF primarily catered towards the educational needs of children in poor and disadvantaged communities by providing annual donations to over a dozen partners across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Today the APF focuses purely on gender equality with a strong bias towards water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and microfinance via subsidised loans to female entrepreneurs.

Objectives of The

The APF has one core focus: to improve the lives and livelihoods of women, in particular young women and girls, within developing countries. We believe that women are overlooked both economically and socially within the emerging world and require support to remove societal impediments and to fulfil their potential.

We seek to partner with and support a tight group of local organisations in developing countries that are directly pursuing this objective. Our primary geographic focus is India, where over 600 million women and girls face a daily struggle to access basic rights such as health and sanitation, education, finance, and employment.

We are aware that solving these issues is a multi-decade project and favour partnering with long-term minded organisations for our grant-making.

“Arisaig’s support over more than a decade has allowed us to implement far-reaching work that will continue to create lasting change.”

Chance for Childhood